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7/26/21:  Another great weekend!  Hunter Smith led a 1-2 Charger finish at Benkelman, NE; Brandon Bombardo collected the $1000 to win check at North Central; Zack Tate had a big weekend again, this time at Barona Speedway in California, pocketing $1500; Carlos Irvin scored another win in his USRA Hobby at Alien Motor Speedway; and Jim Ball was again victorious at Independence in Iowa!


7/19/21:  Congrats this week to Kevin Betzen, who finally got the monkey off his back, getting the win at US30 Speedway; Jeff Ware continued his winning ways at Albion; Devin Larson got the victory at North Central in MN; Zack Tate scored a big one at the $1000-to-win special at Cortez, CO; and Dustin Jackson grabbed the W at Stuart, NE!  Great job guys!


7/12/21:  We made it!  Congrats to Colby Kaspar, winning a thriller at US30 Thursday; Hunter Smith captured #5 of the season at El Paso County; Brandon Bombardo won his 9th of the season at North Central in MN; and Kameron Eddy, driving the IMCA Stock Car of Shawn Johnson won his first A of the year, and Charger's 800th victory Saturday night at I-30 Speedway in Arkansas!  Then, we're headed for the next milestone after Devin Larson grabbed the win at Glyndon, MN last night!  Thanks to all the Charger customers who contributed to this huge accomplishment!  On to #900!!


7/5/21:  We're almost there!  8 wins this weekend now puts the counter at 796!  Congrats this week to Carlos Irvin on his first win of the year at Alien motor Speedway in NM; Austin Brauner got his first Stock Car win in his new car at Albion; Jeff Ware grabbed the Hobby victory at Albion; Marcus Wayne jumped into Dru Kueker's car at West Union, IA and drove it up from 9th to the win; Jeff Watts snagged win #2 of the year at Eagle; Hunter Smith gets W #4 of the season at I-76; Don Marrs gets win #2 of the year at Lakeside; and Cody Ghumm gets his first victory in his new Charger at Rush Co Speedway!  Great job!!


6/28/21:  With all of the rainouts this weekend, we only got 2 wins, but still proud of these guys!  Congrats to Joel Magee on his first win in his 4th start in his Charger Hobby at Wagner in SD; and to Bubba Willox on his win at Calhan Speedway in Colorado!  The counter now sits at 788 wins!!


6/21/21:  Wow!  We're getting closer to #800!  Big congrats to Brooke Fluckiger on her career first Hobby win at US30 Speedway!  Dustin Jackson was +11 spots to get the win at Wagner Speedway; Jeff Ware and Damon Richards dominated the Hobby and Stock Car features at Eagle Raceway; Brandon Bombardo won again at North Central in MN; Chandler Dodge grabbed win #3 of the season at Canyon in AZ; and Austin Green came back from rolling his Hobby last week to getting the win this week at NoDak Speedway!  Great job all of you!


6/14/21:  Yet another great weekend!  Jeff Ware asserted his dominance with a win at Albion; Brandon Bombardo doubled up again at Princeton & North Central in MN;  Craig Clift won again at Wagner Speedway in SD; Jeff Fink is back on top at Shelby Co. Speedway in Harlan, IA; and Hunter Smith picks up win #3 at Calhan, CO!  We're now at 779 total wins!

In less fortunate news, we've been forced to increase chassis prices again.  Steel prices keep climbing, so we're really left with no choice.  


6/7/21:  Another awesome weekend!  Jeff Ware is again victorious at US30; Brandon Bombardo doubled up by winning at Princeton and North Central in MN; Craig Clift has won twice at Park Jefferson in SD; and Hunter Smith got his second win for the year at I-76 in Colorado!  On another note, our all-time win counter now sits at 773 Charger wins!  We just hit #700 last summer.  Could we possibly see win #800 this summer?  


6/1/21:  Great weekend!  Brian Brown doubled up at Cocopah Speedway Friday and Saturday, continuing his undefeated streak; Big congrats to Anthony Bruhn on his career first Hobby win in just his 6th EVER start; Jeff Ware continued his winning ways at Eagle Raceway; Brandon Bombardo clawed his way back to the winner's circle at North Central Speedway; and Bubba Willox was again victorious at I-76 in Ft Morgan, CO!  

5/24/21:  Big congrats this week to Jeff Watts on his career first Hobby Stock win at Eagle Raceway; Austin Green also earned his career first Hobby win at NoDak Speedway in Minot, ND; and Jim Ball grabbed his first win of the season at Dubuque, IA in dominating fashion, going from 13th to the win!  Great job guys!!


5/17/21:  Incredible weekend again!  Chandler Dodge finally broke through with his first Hobby win Friday at Canyon Speedway in Arizona.  Then, followed that up with his second win the next night!  Vinny Kiihne put his BUSCHHHHH Charger back in victory lane at Eagle; Devin Larson got his first Charger Hobby win at North Central Speedway in MN; Bubba Willox sailed off to his own ZIP Code at I-76 Saturday night; and Craig Clift collected the win at Raceway Park Sunday, and also informed me of a win a few weeks ago at Wagner Speedway.  Keep diggin' guys!  


5/10/21:  What a weekend!  Dave Carter kicked things off Thursday with his Hobby win at US30; then Damon Richards prevailed in an all-out battle with the GOAT, Mike Nichols to win his first Stock Car A in only his 4th night in the new car!  Big congrats to 14-year-old Hunter Smith on his first career Hobby win at Calhan, CO; and Zack Tate once again took it to victory lane at Cocopah!  Great job all of you!


5/3/21:  Sorry for the lack of updates recently.  Our old site was having issues, so we came back better than ever with the all-new site you see here!  So, to get caught up, we have a bunch of wins to announce.  Congrats to Brian Brown on getting his second win in his second race in Brian Fitzgibbons' car at Cocopah; BIG congrats to Jared Myers on his first ever Hobby win at Warren Co. Speedway a few weeks ago; Jeff Ware got back to his winning ways at US30; Jeff Fink took his brand new Charger to the win in his first feature start at Shelby Co Speedway; Craig Clift was victorious at Raceway Park; Don Marrs grabbed the win at Lakeside Speedway; Brandon Bombardo dug from his 14th starting spot to the win at Princeton; Jeff Ware flew to the W at Eagle Raceway; and Zack Tate launched from the back of the field to the win at Canyon Speedway in AZ!  Great couple of weeks guys!!  Congrats!!


3/22/21:  Congrats to Nick Posey on his first Hobby Stock win(in only his 3rd start) of the season at Cocopah this past weekend!  


3/15/21:  6 weeks after nearly destroying his new Hobby, Zack Tate got redemption at Cocopah, AZ by getting his first win of the season!  Congrats Zack!


3/8/21:  Great Weekend!  Brian Brown, driving the car owned by Brian Fitzgibbons, won the $1600-to-win special at Cocopah Speedway! Bubba Willox then captured the win and Winter Series Title at I-76 in Colorado! Great job!

Please note, you'll see a price increase in our chassis.  We really try to avoid increases as much as possible, but with steel prices going up almost daily, we're left with no choice.  


1/20/21:  The 2021 racing season has kicked off, and we got our first win already!  Brandon Bombardo headed south from Minnesota to Arizona, and grabbed the win at Cocopah Speedway last week!