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11/20/23:  Big congrats this week t Zack Tate on his wins at Central Arizona on nights 1 & 2, and to Darrin Biggs on his win on night #3!!


11/13/23:  Congrats this weekend to Zack Tate on another win at Central Arizona Raceway!


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10/30/23:  Congrats to Bo Partain on another win at Cocopah Speedway!


10/23/23:  Congrats this weekend to Jeff Fink on his win at the year-end special at Crawford Co Speedway!


10/16/23:  A little updating to do...congrats to Mike Cochran on his 2 recent wins in his Vintage 'Cuda, at Farmington and Peveley, MO; Brian Fitzgibbons collected another W at Barona; and Joey Young ended his season strong with another win at Adel, IA!


10/9/23:  Just one win to add this weekend....congrats to Bo Partain on his very first Hobby Stock win in his very first attempt!  Bo did triple-duty at Cocopah Speedway this weekend, driving his Stock Car, a Sport Mod, and Hannah Miller's Hobby.  He got it done, winning the heat and the A in her Hobby Stock!  Congrats Bo!


9/26/23:  The season is winding down, but we're still adding wins!  Charger swept both nights of the Tiny Lund Memorial at Shelby Co in the Hobby Stocks....night #1 went to Jeff Fink, and night #2 went to Tyler Smith!  Then on Sunday night, we got our first Sport Compact win in a long time as Ramsey Meyer took his car to Interstate Speedway, and went +9 to the win!  It was Ramsey's first time in the car in 3 years!  And congrats to Joey Young on his Hobby win at Dallas Co Fairgrounds!


9/18/23:  Congrats THIS week to Hannah Miller on her first Hobby Stock track Championship at Central Arizona Raceway; also to Brian Fitzgibbons on his IMCA Stock Car championship at Barona Speedway!  And great job to Zack Tate on his win at Central Arizona; Brian Fitzgibbons won again at Barona; and Tyler Smith gets another win at Park Jefferson!


9/11/23:  Congrats this week to Tanner Jones for securing the track title at Lincoln County; Skylar Pruitt also earned his first Hobby track championship at Stuart, IA; Tristan Grape started off a great week by winning at Marshalltown, IA, then won his qualifying A at the IMCA Supernationals; Travis Landauer doubled up with 2 wins at Gillette, WY; Brandon Bombardo won both days of the Mighty Axe special at North Central; and Don Deiter won yet another at Diamond Mtn!!  And Charger was well represented at Supernationals with 3 of the top 7 finishing spots in the Hobby Dance:  Jeff Fink got 4th, Skylar Pruitt got 5th, and Brandon Bombardo was +23 spots to finish 7th!  Also, congrats to Jeff Ware on making his first Big Dance in the Stock Cars!


8/28/23:  Great weekend!  Congrats to Tristan Grape on his win at US30; Darrin Biggs gets his first Charger win at Deuce of Clubs Speedway; Brandon Bombardo gets another at North Central; Tyler Smith doubled up with wins at Park Jefferson and Interstate; Don Deiter wins again at Diamond Mtn; Brad Orvedal earns the win at Buffalo River!  Now....onto the track Champions!  Congrats to Jeff Ware on his first Stock Car title at US30; Tristan Grape goes back to back as Hobby champ at US30; Jeff Fink seals another track title at Harlan, IA; Travis Landauer earns the track champ at Junction; Brad Orvedal's win last night finished off his championshiprun at Buffalo River; and Adam Goff gets the Stock Car track title at Nodak Speedway!  


8/21/23:  Big congrats this week to Scott Wetter on his first Charger win at Grant Co Fairgrounds; Travis Landauer earned the win at US30; Dustin Jackson got another W at Wagner, SD; Dylan Haney triumphed at Eagle Raceway in his Stock Car; Kerry & Kory Davis got their first Charger 2-man win at Independence, IA; Jeff Fink wins another at Shelby County; Royce Goetz parked it at Rattlesnake; Bubba Willox returned to victory lane at I-76; and Lowell Jansen wins his 3rd of the year, this time at Interstate in SD!  


8/14/23:  Wow!  Awesome Weekend!!!  Congrats to Skylar Pruitt on winning our 1100th feature at Stuart, IA last week!  Then Jeff Ware added another at US30; Dustin Jackson got the dubya at Wagner, SD; Adam Goff wins another at Williston, ND; Brandon Bombardo returned to the winner's circle at Princeton, MN; Lowell Jansen picked up his 2nd of the year at Park Jefferson; Jeff Fink came from 10th to win at Shelby County; Jacob Worthington earned his first of the year at El Paso County; Gage Koch got his first win in his Charger at OffRoad; Andrew Burg returned to victory lane at Boone, IA; Trenton Neuhaus got his first Charger win at Independence, IA; and congrats to Don Deiter on securing the track championship at Diamond Mountain in California!


8/7/23:  Congrats to Matt Rezac on his first win in his new Charger at Wagner, SD; Tristan Grape is victorious again at Albion, and secured the track championship, Travis Landauer grabs the win at Junction; and Morgan Perryman gets us a pair of wins north of the border at Taylor Speedway!  Great job!!  We now sit at 1099 wins!!


7/31/23:  Congrats this week to Skylar Pruitt on another win at Stuart, IA; Tristan Grape keeps the momentum going at Boone County; Jeff Ware gets back to victory lane at US30; Cody Ohrenberg is again victorious at Electric City; Royce Goetz wins at Rattlesnake Raceway; Adam Goff collects Stock Car win #6 at Underwood, ND; and congrats to Jeff Fink for wrapping up the track title at Crawford County!!


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

7/24/23:  And ANOTHER 9 win weekend!  Huge congrats to Colin Hein on his career-first Hobby win at US30; Tristan Grape collected the bounty put up against his streak at Albion with another W; Brandon Bombardo dominated again at Princeton, MN; Cody Ohrenberg is again on top at Electric City; Brian Fitzgibbons earned another win at Barona; Andrew Burg returned to Hobby this season and collected his first A feature in nearly 5 years at Boone, IA; Joey Young gets his first Charger hobby win at Dallas County; Adam Goff earns another at Estevan; and Don Deiter grabs yet another victory at Diamond Mountain!  We're now only 12 wins away from 1100!!!


7/17/23:  This weeks' kudos go out to Tristan Grape on yet another win at Boone County; Jeff Fink doubled up at Crawford County and Shelby County; Tanner Jones wins another at North Platte; and Bubba Willox gets it done again at I-76!!


7/10/23:  Congrats this week to Don Deiter on another win at Diamond Mountain; Tyler Ball made it 3 wins so far at Independence, IA;  Austin Brauner finally returned to victory lane at OffRoad; Travis Landauer picked up another win, this time at Junction Motor Speedway;  Tyler Smith got the monkey off his back at Park Jefferson; and Tristan Grape won a big one at the Tanner Pelster Memorial at Boone County!  Great job!!


7/4/23:  Another 9 win weekend!  Congrats to Tristan Grape on yet another win at US30; Jeff Fink got back to victory lane at Denison; Adam Goff Collected his 4th win of the season, this time at McClean County; Zack Tate gets a W at Show Low, AZ; Travis Landauer collected a PAIR of $1000-to-win shows at Gillette, WY and at Rapid City, SD; Dustin Jackson ventured back to Stuart, NE and grabbed the win; Anthony Bruhn once again found the winner's circle at OffRoad Speedway; and Brandon Bombardo went to Independence, IA to win their $1000-to-win show!!  Awesome work, guys!


6/26/23:  Big congrats this week to Skylar Pruitt on his win at Stuart, IA; Tristan Grape doubled up this weekend at US30 and Albion; Bubba Willox also doubled this weekend at Honor Speedway and El Paso County; Daniel Wauters won again at Makoqueta; John Thomas visited Desert Thunder Speedway in Utah and left with the win; Brian Fitzgibbons was again victorious at Barona in CA; and Tanner Jones got his first win in his new Charger at North Platte!  Great job to all of you!! 


6/20/23:  Wow!  9 more wins since last week!  Congrats to Lowell Jansen on his first of the year at Park Jefferson last Monday; US30 Speedway was all Charger Thursday, with Damon Richards in Stock Car and Tristan Grape in Hobby; Cody Ohrenberg got back to Victory Lane at Electric City; Daniel Wauters wins another at Makoqueta; Bubba Willox earned another win at I-76; Dustin Jackson wins his first feature at OffRoad; Travis Landauer again dominates Stuart, NE; and Tyler Ball grabs his 2nd of the year at Independence, IA!!


 *   *   *   *   *   *    *    *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

6/12/23:  Another big weekend!  Congrats to Tristan Grape on another win at US30; John Thomas travelled to Aztec Speedway in New Mexico to pick up his 2nd win of the year; Zach McNeese earns his first feature win in just his 8th-ever start; and Brandon Bombardo headed northwest to run the Tougher Than Dirt tour.  He grabbed wins at Southwest Speedway and Estevan in Canada, and along with a pair of 2nds and a pair of 3rds, was crowned the series champion!!  


6/5/23:  Big Weekend!!  Congrats to Jeff Fink on his win at Denison, IA; Tristan Grape gets another at Albion, NE; Don Deiter earns a pair at Diamond Mtn and American Valley; Brandon Bombardo nabs yet another at North Central; Tyler Ball gets his first win in his new Charger at Independence, IA; John Thomas leads a Charger 1-2-3 at Central Arizona; Travis Landauer dominates at Stuart, NE; and Skylar Pruitt wins another at Stuart, IA!!


5/30/23:  Congrats this weekend to Adam Goff, who earned wins at McClean County and Southwest Speedway; Travis Landauer finally got the monkey off his back Friday night at Boone Co Raceway; Brandon Bombardo netted the win at North Central; David Norquest finally gets a Hobby win at his home track at Junction Motor Speedway;  and Tristan Grape wins a tough one at Stuart, IA!  Way to go guys!!


5/22/23:  Big Weekend!!  We started off with wins at US30 by Jeff Ware in Stock Car & Tristan Grape in Hobby; Jeff Fink gets the win at Denison, IA; Jeff Ocheska grabbed his first win of the season in IMCA Stock Car at Diamond Mtn; Dylan Haney clawed his way to the front at Eagle Raceway for his first Stock Car win in his Ford-powered hot rod; Anthony Bruhn goes 3 in a row at OffRoad Speedway; Adam Goff wins an AllStar qualifier at Estevan in his Stock Car; and Brandon Bombardo gets the W at North Central!  Great job guys!!


5/15/23:  Congrats this weekend to Skylar Pruitt on his first win of the year in only his 3rd night in the new car at Stuart, IA;  Anthony Bruhn goes back-to-back at OffRoad Speedway; and Brian Fitzgibbons is again lightning fast at Barona in his IMCA Stock Car!


5/8/23:  Great weekend!  Tristan Grape nets a pair of wins at US30 and Boone County; Brandon Bombardo grabs the season opener at Princeton; Anthony Bruhn is back in the winner's circle at OffRoad Speedway; and Don Deiter puts his new Charger up front at Diamond Mountain!


5/1/23:  We're getting the regular season started off right!  This week's congrats go out to Jeff Fink on his win at Shelby Co Speedway in Harlan, IA; and to Royce Goetz for grabbing his first win in his new Charger at Rattlesnake Raceway in Fallon, NV!  


4/24/23:  Congrats to Tristan Grape on his opening night victory at US30 Speedway!


4/17/23:  Congrats this weekend to Ramona, CA's Brian Fitzgibbons on his first IMCA Stock Car win at Barona Speedway!


4/10/23:  WE DID IT!!!!  The weekend started off with Daniel Wauters winning at Tipton, IA from 12th place for #999.  Then Jeff Ware led all 35 laps of the Stock Car A at the Dirt Crown Series race at OffRoad Speedway, winning $2000, plus the $1000 bonus from Charger!!!  Then Shane Grippin took the checkers later in the evening at El Paso County in CO for win #1001!!  On to win #2000! :)


4/3/23:  Congrats to Bubba Willox on getting the win at I-76 Winter Series!  That's #998!!


3/20/23:  Zack Tate keeps diggin' with another win at Central Arizona Raceway!  That's #997!!


3/13/23:  Congrats to Shane Grippin on his first win in his first race with his new Charger Hobby!  He picked up the win at Honor Speedway in Pueblo, CO this weekend!  


2/27/23:  Zack Tate keeps up the pace with another win, this time at Central Arizona Raceway!  We're only 5 wins away from a big payday for one Charger driver!


1/16/23:  And, Brandon Bombardo continues the momentum at Cocopah with wins on nights 5 & 8!  Plus, congrats to Zack Tate on the winter series Championship!


1/8/23:  Getting the new year started off right!  Congrats to Zack Tate on his wins on nights 3 & 4 at Cocopah Speedway's IMCA Winter Nationals!

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