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12/5/22:  We're not sure if we've ever done a win update in December, but Bubba Willox won another race of the I-76 Winter Series yesterday!  We're now only 10 wins away from the big 1000!


11/28/22:  And, one more!  Congrats again to Aaron Anderson on another asphalt win at Showtime Speedway in Clearwater, FL!


11/21/22:  One more win to report!  Congrats to Zack Tate on his W at Central Arizona Raceway Saturday night!  Maybe the season is finally done?  


11/14/22: ....and, another win from Bubba Willox.  This time he dominated at Honor Speedway in Pueblo, CO!  Followers of our FB page got this news a while back, but I forgot to share it here:  We're rapidly approaching our 1000th win!  Whichever Charger driver gets our 1000th win will receive $1000 cash!  Keep following the News page here, or our FB page to stay up to date on our win total!


11/7/22:  Just season isn't over yet!  Congrats to Bubba Willox on his win yesterday at the I-76 Winter Series race in Ft Morgan, CO!


10/24/22:  One more win to report, then I think the season is over.  Congrats to Don Marrs on his win this weekend at Lakeside Speedway!


10/10/22:  Hunter Smith again dominates at I-76 Speedway; and Aaron Anderson goes back to back at Showtime Speedway!  


10/3/22:  Congrats this weekend to Tristan Grape for 2 wins...the qualifying A and then the big show at the Fall Nationals at Hays, KS; Aaron Anderson earned Charger our first-ever asphalt win in his Street Stock at Showtime Speedway in Florida; and Craig Clift was the man to beat at Raceway Park's South Dakota Nationals!


10/1/22:  We did a quick audit of our win totals, and realized we missed a few during the season.  We now stand at 123 wins for 2022, and 978 overall, which is a new single-season record for Charger!!


9/26/22:  Big congrats this weekend to Cody Ohrenberg on another feature win at Valley, and the track championship; Daniel Wauters jumped into a used Charger just purchased last week, and drove it to wins at both East Moline, IL and Maquoketa, IA; Tristan Grape started 10th at the Tiny Lund race at Harlan, IA and drove straight to the front; Chandler Dodge once again won at Canyon Speedway, and clinched the track title; and Don Marrs grabbed another W at Lakeside!  Badass weekend!!


9/19/22:  Congrats from last weekend to Skylar Pruitt, Tristan Grape, Bo Lundquist and Jim Ball for qualifying for the Big Dance at the IMCA SuperNationals!  

This weekend Cody Ohrenberg got another win at Valley Speedway, and secured the MoKan Series Title; Tristan Grape and Austin Brauner won their features on the first night of the Abe Lincoln Memorial at US30; Hunter Smith got won again at Holyoke, and wrapped up the track Championship, along with another win at I-76 Speedway, and the Colorado State Championship; and Brandon Bombardo ventured off to Glyndon, MN and grabbed the win!  Great job to all of you!!!


9/4/22:  Awesome weekend!  Congrats to Don Marrs on another win at Lakeside; Brandon Bombardo sealed the track title at Princeton, then won the first night of the Mighty Axe at North Central; Cody Ohrenberg gets another at Valley Speedway; Hunter Smith again dominates at I-76; Carlos Irvin gets back to victory lane at Alien Motor Speedway; Anthony Fletchall earns his career first Hobby win at Adams County; and Travis Landauer ran away with the win at Gillette, Wyoming!  Great job guys!!


8/29/22:  Huge congrats this weekend to Kirk Westring on his first career Hobby win at US30; Tristan Grape secured the US30 Track Championship; Kaiden Tuchsherer wrapped up his first track title at Estevan, SK; Hunter Smith earned the track Champ and another pair of wins at El Paso County; Cody Ohrenberg gets another win at Valley Speedway; Adam Goff grabs another win at Williston; and Brandon Bombardo gets back to back track Champ at North Central!


8/22/22:  Great weekend again!  Damon Richards won a thriller at US30 in his Stock Car; Don Marrs got back to victory lane at Lakeside; Cody Ghumm wins #5 of the year at Rush County in Kansas; Cody Ohrenberg grabbed another at Valley Speedway; Craig Clift drove from 12th to the win at Park Jefferson; and Hunter Smith continues his dominance at I-76!!


8/15/22:  Congrats this weekend to Kevin Betzen finally getting back to victory lane at US30; Brandon Bombardo earned another at North Central; Hunter Smith is once again dominant at El Paso County; Dustin Jackson won his 9th of the year and the track championship at Stuart, NE; and Tristan Grape ventured south to Concordia, KS, and picked up the win!


8/8/22:  Great weekend!  Tristan Grape doubled up with wins at US30 and Albion; Brandon Bombardo got back to victory lane at Princeton; Cody Ohrenberg got another at Valley Speedway; Garrett Corn drove his Stock Car from deep in the field again for another win at Antioch; Hunter Smith remained on top at I-76; and Dustin Jackson again dominated Stuart, NE!


8/1/22:  Congrats this week to Tristan Grape on his Hobby win and Austin Brauner on his Stock Car win at US30; Jeff Fink gets back to victory lane at Harlan, IA; Travis Landauer finally breaks through with a win at OffRoad; Hunter Smith again dominates at I-76; and Dustin Jackson once again takes the win at Stuart, NE!  Great job guys!!


7/25/22:  Hunter Smith had an awesome weekend with 3 wins....El Paso County, Holyoke, and Goodland, KS!

Congrats again to Dustin Jackson on another W at Stuart, NE!


7/18/22:  Huge Congrats to Skylar Pruitt on his career first Hobby win at Stuart, IA last Monday!  Brandon Bombardo once again reigned supreme at Princeton; Hunter Smith did it again at I-76; and Garrett Corn repeated at Antioch!  


7/11/22:  Another great weekend!  Congrats to Dru Kueker on his first win of the season at Sports Park; Brandon Bombardo got back to victory lane at Princeton; Cody Ohrenberg reigned supreme at Valley Speedway; Garrett Corn grabbed another at Antioch; and Hunter Smith got the W at Holyoke!


7/5/22:  HUGE Congrats to Zack Tate on his tour championship at the Midwest Madness Tour in Iowa last week!  He made the long haul from Arizona, and bested the best of Iowa!  Also on the list for congrats this week:  Brad Orvedal took his new Charger Hobby to it's first win at Red River; Adam Goff finally got back to victory lane at McLean County; Hunter Smith repeats again at I-76; Cody Ghumm won both days of a double header at Wakeeney, KD; and Dustin Jackson is again the man to beat at Stuart, NE!

6/27/22:  Great weekend!  Congrats to Craig Clift at Park Jefferson last Monday; Tristan Grape collected an $1100 payday at Albion;  Cody Ohrenberg gets another at Valley Speedway; Dustin Jackson wins again at Stuart, NE; and Hunter Smith takes the checkers at El Paso again!


6/20/22:  We got it!!  Congrats to Joe Rosberg on his first win in his Charger Hobby at OffRoad, and that was our 900th Win!!  Then we continued right along with Cody Ghumm getting the win at Wakeeney; Hunter Smith again took the checkers at I-76; and Dustin Jackson got another one at Stuart, Ne!


6/13/22:  So close!  Brandon Bombardo is again victorious at Princeton for win #898; and Dustin Jackson wins #899 at Stuart, NE!  


6/6/22:  Great weekend again!  Congrats to Kevin Betzen at US30; Brandon Bombardo takes the car he rolled 7 times last week right back to Victory Lane at Princeton; Cody Ohrenberg grabs another at Valley Speedway; Jeff Ware gets the Stock Car win at Eagle Raceway;  Kaiden Tuchscherer finally gets his first Charger win at Estevan; and Hunter Smith grabs the $1000 to win race at I-76 in honor of his Dad and Uncle!  And we now stand at 897 wins!!


6/2/22:  We need to make an update to the win list.  Just found out that one of our cars that got sold last fall has been racing, and has 5 wins already this season!  Congrats to Cody Ohrenberg on his W's at Valley and Electric City in Missouri!


5/30/22:  Big weekend!  Jeff Ware goes back to back at Albion; Dan Dowling gets his first win of the year in his first night in the car at Red River Valley; Brett Green wins his first ever Hobby A at Thunder Mountain; and Hunter Smith grabs a pair of wins, at Pueblo and El Paso County!


5/23/22:  Brooke Fluckiger grabbed her first hobby win of the year at US30; Austin Brauner did the same in Stock Car the same night; Jeff Ware gets his 2nd Stock Car win at Boone County Friday, which was also his 100th career win (ALL in Chargers); and Brandon Bombardo came from worst to first at North Central!


5/16/22:  Great weekend again!  Hunter Smith gets another at El Paso County; Brandon Bombardo is back in victory lane at North Central in MN; Carlos Irvin grabs the win at Alien in NM; and Zack Tate is victorious at Canyon Speedway!


5/9/22:  More wins to report!  Congrats to Hunter Smith on another at I-76; Brandon Bombardo got back on track with a win at Princeton; and Garrett Corn got a big win at Thunderbowl in Tulare, CA!  


5/2/22:  Another good weekend!  Hunter Smith makes it 2 for 2 at El Paso; Chandler Dodge is still knocking down wins at Canyon!

4/25/22:  Great weekend!  Congrats Tristan Grape in Hobbies, and to Jeff Ware on his first Stock Car win in only his 5th start!  Hunter Smith didn't forget how to win over the winter, grabbing a pair of W's this weekend at El Paso and I-76!  


4/4/22:  Congrats to Garrett Corn on his first Stock Car win of the season at Merced, CA this weekend!

3/21/22:  Chandler Dodge does it AGAIN at Canyon!  Great job!


2/24/22:  And Chandler Dodge gets it done again at Canyon!


2/7/22:  Congrats again to Chandler Dodge on another win at Canyon!!


1/31/22:  Congrats to Chandler Dodge on his first win of the year at Canyon Speedway in Arizona!


1/16/22:  Brian Brown got it done again at Cocopah this past Thursday night! 


1/10/22:  Time to start over with 2022 news!  One win the first weekend of the winter nationals at Cocopah.  Brian Brown powered his way to the front, getting the win on night #3!