During our off-months when the race car building is slow, we also take on other side projects.  
Here are pics of a few of them.  In the last 10 years, I've done all the metal work on several different
restoration projects....3 first-generation Camaro's (which included complete floors & quarters), a 70
Cuda, two 70 Mustangs, a 79 Duster, a 72 Mustang, a 71 Roadrunner, a '67 Chevelle, a '67 Mustang
2+2 Fastback, a 69 Mustang, an 86 Monte Carlo, a '49 Merc 4-door, a 68 'Cuda, and a 74 Nova.  I've
also built 3 street rod pickups.  One is a 48 Chevy built on an 87 Suburban frame.  This truck is now
a daily driver in Houston, TX.  Another is a 47 Studebaker pickup built on a 76 Chevy pickup frame,
shortened 22".  I built both trucks up to the point where they were running and driving.  The bondo
and block sanding I'll leave to someone else!  We can also do custom fabrication work such as tire
racks and toolboxes for your trailer, hitch installation, body and suspension lift kits, etc, etc.  
shop labor rate is only $45.00 per hour
...about half what you'll find at most full-time shops.  If
you've got a project you need done, let me know, and we'll talk about it and see if we can set
something up!

Check out the pics below, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask!


Here is what you can do to a complete basket-case '47 Studebaker pickup and a little smart shopping.  This is by
no means a $100K street rod, but it's a very respectable daily driver.  Powered by a 9:1 350 Chevy with a mild
hydraulic cam and a Turbo 350, this thing is quite quick, and drives like a new car.  Owned by Hank & Barb Topil,
Rising City, NE
These are a few shots of a 69 Camaro owned by Dusty Tonniges of Osceola, NE.  I had
to replace the entire floorpan, then installed mini wheel tubs to help clear the 305/40
rear tires.  Then I built a new trunk floor to match the new rear frame rails, the fuel cell,
the rollbar and the 4-link/coilover 9" rear.  Plus full quarters, tail light panel, inner
rockers, and front firewall patches.
Here are a couple of pics of my son's '79 Duster that started off as a
rusty mess....no quarter panels are available, so I had to build the
quarters and rockers from flat steel sheets.  The results should speak
for themselves!  
Here are a bunch of pics of my latest project.  I started off with a rollover '06 Subaru
Forester.  This thing was dumped pretty hard, and only one panel escaped damage.  My
customer decided he needed a river-runner and something to check pivots with in the
summer, so he asked if we could just build a whole new body for it.......
(All of these pics can be enlarged...just double click them)

Here's the donor...or victim, depending on your viewpoint.  
The Forester with the body removed.  I had about
6 hours in just straightening the body structure
before I could cut the body off.  
Every lip on the body is rolled over for strength and appearance.  The 3rd pic above is a close up of the
rolled lip on the fuel filler opening I had to make.  All of the main body tub is welded to the inner
structure.  The fenders and hood bolt on to the original locations.  The grille I had laser cut out of
stainless.  All lights are aftermarket (halogen headlights and LED tail lights).  My customer also wanted a
roll bar installed, so I built it over both front and rear seats.  He wanted to use a taller tire, but nothing
would clear the struts.  So I had Fetrow Industries custom-build aluminum wheel adapters/spacers to
put on different wheels with the proper backspacing to clear the suspension.  It now has 30" tires,
which necessitated enlarging the inner wheel wells, and moving part of the floorpan back.
Here are a few pics of a 69 Mustang Notchback I did recently.  It needed both torque boxes,
front floor supports, front floorpans, front inner fender aprons, 1/4's, outer wheelwells, one
inner wheelwell, rear frame rails, and trunk floors.
A couple of shots from the latest project:  The majority of the work I did to this '67 Charger was
underneath, so the pics aren't great, but there really was a lot of work done!  I moved the new
leaf springs inboard 4" per side to make room for the massive rear tires, installed subframe
connectors, narrowed and braced the Mopar 8-3/4" rearend, widened the rear wheel wells,
installed large gussets in the front torque box area, reinforced the floor where the pinion
snubber contacts it, changed over to the '68-up idler arm, switched the master cylinder to a
newer aluminum, changed to manual steering, and repainted the engine compartment.  The
car itself is a really nice, nearly rust-free body, and is going to get a pretty healthy big-block.
Another little project I just finished:  a walk-in toolbox on a 30-foot gooseneck trailer for a Demo
Derby driver.  The box is all 1" square tubing, bolted down in case he ever decides to remove it.  
The box has a tire rack and a workbench inside.  It also has a removable ladder on the back side
so they can stand on top at the demo's they run at.  The roof is 16-ga steel, with roll-on bedliner
material on top.  I also built an air deflector for the tongue of the trailer to push the air up and
over instead of hitting the flat front edge of the box.
The latest project out of our shop:  a '57 Chevy, turned into a Gasser, straight out of the late
60's!  Not sure if it will ever see the strip, but mainly just a fun streeter with a lot of attitude.  
Partial cage, fuel cell, aluminum interior, a little rust repair, and of course, the Gasser straight
axle!!  The car is owned by Jason McCartney from Kansas.  
A few more projects to roll through the shop:  A 72 Plymouth Scamp we built into a drag car.  4-link, narrowed
9", cage with funny car add-on, entire new front suspension and frame, floor pans, trunk, and hand fabricated
                                Here's a '69 442 we did last fall.  Quarters, trunk floor, outer wheel wells                   
The latest non-race car project:  66 Chevelle SS, big block 4-speed car.  We installed full quarters, inner &
outer wheel wells, trunk floor, window-to-trunk panel, deck lid, tail light panel, front floor pans, and
windshield base.