Check out some of the construction pics of an IMCA
Hobby Stock.  At Charger Chassis, we have priorities,
Safety is always #1!!  Our selection of materials and
design and construction methods are not just by
seat-of-the-pants.  You're getting 30+ years of stock car
building experience!  Also, 360 degree welding of
joints adds to the structural integrity of YOUR car.
Our roll cages are set back to the maximum allowed by
IMCA to take full advantage of the rules, and the seat
mount is braced to the door bars, frame and main cage.  
This way, if you're hit in the door hard enough to bend
the frame, the seat will move with the frame and door
bars, keeping the driver the same distance from the door
bars, instead of the door coming to you.
Lighter weight 1-1/4" tubing is utilized in "non-critical"
areas.  Superior triangulation is designed into your
Charger Chassis car to add strength, stiffness,
protection, and longevity.
We also offer full aluminum services, from rear
firewalls and decks, dashes, tail light panels, fan
shrouds,  whatever!  Custom bead rolling
available at no extra charge.  (We just love a
>>>>>>>    (Prices good through September 30, 2020)    <<<<<<<<
$2650           (Roller Pricing at Bottom of Page)
*Body set back, made removable with 6 bolts, and floorpan solid mounted to frame
*Aftermarket floorpan AND firewall now included on all cars, if rules allow
*Main roll cage installed...1.75" x .095", 1.75" x .120" & 1.25 x .083 tubing
* X-braced center section and rear frame
*Front loop; rear loop; radiator/fender mounts
*2x3 Rear frame rails, trunk floor
*Motor & transmission mounts
*Upper & Lower radiator mount
*Seat mount & Seat belt mounts
*Fuel cell mount & rear fuel cell guard
*Battery mount & ground cable stud
*Front windshield bars
*Adjustable gas pedal mount
*Brake pedal relocated
*Clutch pedal mounted (if we need to build the pedal, ADD $50)
*Hood pin mounts & exterior trunk hinges
*18 gauge steel door plate
*Window net mounts
*Front driveshaft loop
Body remounted, front fenders, doors and trunk installed
*Steering column, heim and firewall bearing installed
(quick release hub & hex adapter

**Please note:  ALL of our cars come standard with 4 door bars on the driver's side, and 3  door
bars on the passenger side.

* * * Effective 12/1/14, Any T-top cars used for a Hobby Stock body will include an extra   
$200 surcharge for body preparation * * *

* Strip interior, glass & dash, and gut out inner structure                      ADD $200
* To build clutch pedal                                                                           ADD $75
* Clutch bell crank & linkage (our own manual clutch setup)                 ADD $95
* Install 3/8" fuel line inside steel conduit                                               ADD $95
* Install our collapsible steering column                                                 ADD $60
* Rub rails for outside of body (1" square tubing)                                  ADD $50
* Aluminum dash, firewall, visor & rocker covers (with beads rolled in) ADD $295
* Chassis and inside of body painted (Synthol Enamel ONLY)              ADD $350               
* 9" rearend housing with GM brackets (new housing, tubes & ends)   ADD $595
* 9" rearend housing with GM brackets if customer supplies core         ADD $295
* Aluminum "beam" front bumper with top loop                                      ADD $100
* Run new brake lines                                                                           ADD $225
* Switch panel mount on down tube >>                                                  ADD $25
*Wired with switches, battery cables & Solenoid (no gauges)               ADD $295
*Your frame sandblasted                                                                       ADD $200

***VINYL Lettering and Wraps available***                (see the Demon Decals page)


PLEASE NOTE:  (Effective 1/1/20) If for whatever reason
the order is cancelled after work has begun, the deposit is
non-refundable, and the donor car will become property of
Charger Chassis.  If the order is cancelled before work has
begun, the cash deposit is non-refundable, but your donor
car will be returned.

(All information above based on GM Metric cars.  If you are thinking about racing either a Mopar
or a Ford, please contact us!  We've got years of experience building and racing Mopars, and
several Fords!  Pics and info available upon request.)

We're excited to introduce our exclusive
"All-In-One" gear tote.  We've taken a lot
of the hassle out of gear changes!  
Simply drain the rearend lube into the
large hole, pull the gear, and set it on the
tote.  Roll it out, switch gears, roll it back
under, install the gear.  Now, stand your
All-In-One up on it's end, hook a drill to
the pump, and pump the grease back
into the rearend.  DONE.  No pouring the
lube into other bottles or jugs to refill.  
Heavy gauge steel, powder coated, and
the casters are removable for use in dirt

ONLY $229 plus shipping.
2020 IMCA Stock Car /  Street Stock
*Everything listed above in Hobby Stock, PLUS:
*Flat floor and firewall standard
*New upper A frame mounts
*Install weight jacks at all four corners (weight jacks included)
*Install upper and lower bearing end shock mounts (front and rear)
*Motor & transmission mounts installed
*Mounts for aftermarket brake and clutch pedals (pedals NOT supplied)

*Original Metric GM body installed at no charge
*Steering shaft, Q-R, Heim, and Collapsible Column Included

*Mount FWD body
, or Fiberglass roof/aftermarket body (customer supplied                              
panels)                                                                                             ADD $300
*Aluminum kit with rear "doghouse"                                                  ADD $350
* Stock Car Brake Lines                                                                   ADD $260
* New Floater Housing With Hubs, Axles & Rotors and Mounts        ADD $1200

Full Roller:  $14,900
**Basically everything but engine, trans, driveshaft, shifter, and
ALL Charger Chassis cars come standard with 4 door
bars on the driver's side
, and 3 door bars on the
passenger's side.  We also offer a unique extended
driver's door bar layout, which offers much better foot
The pics to your left are some of the bead rolling we've
done.  Click to enlarge the pic, and check out the work
on the dash and firewall.
Just a few words about our
cars.... first, Thank You for
considering a Charger
Chassis!  Second, you're most
likely a racer, and racers want
to win.  Let me state again a
point I make in the text to the
right--SAFETY is always priority
#1 here!  Sure, we'd all like to
win every race we start, but
that's not very realistic.  The
first thing you should consider
before buying ANY race car is
how safe it is.  This past 15
seasons, Charger Chassis cars
have added up well over 600
feature wins, 54 track titles,  18
State championships, and 3
National championships.  That's
not too bad!  
But I think the
most important fact is that
there have been over 20 of our
cars upside down, and NO
drivers have been injured.
There has been some bent
sheetmetal, and a few bars
replaced, but that is what the
car is for: to give a little so the
driver doesn't have to!  We
don't build fast cars, nor do we
build slow cars.  What we do
build is a SAFE, stable, rigid and
consistent platform for YOU to
build a fast race car on.

Let's face it...not
every chassis
built will win a national
championship, but if you get in
an accident and walk away,
then we've done our job.  
Please keep this in mind when
choosing  your next car.

Thanks ,
To purchase, all we need is your stripped out car, and a $600 Deposit
(Balance due upon completion)

*** Important Note Regarding Stripping of Donor Car! ***
We consider a donor car to be stripped once the following items are removed:  
ALL glass, dash, gas tank, engine, trans, driveshaft, interior (seats, carpet,
headliner, door panels); ALL wiring; power steering pump, front sway bar, all
shocks, front firewall cleaned of all wiring & plumbing; body mount bolts
removed; trim/weather strip removed; fenders, hood & doors removed; bumpers
removed; radiator support removed, and the frame power washed. You can
leave the factory brake pedal & master cylinder on Hobby Stocks.  If we find it
necessary to finish stripping the car, the $200 charge will be added to the final
bill, unless prior arrangements have been made.  
2020 IMCA Hobby Stock Roller Pricing:

$9995 (Does NOT Include Your Stripped Out Body)


All items listed in the Base Hobby Pricing Above, PLUS:
*Fabricated floor pan & firewall
*9" Ford rearend housing, with GM brackets, narrowed
*Rebuilt center section, with mini spool and gear of your choice
*Aftermarket axle on both sides       * Brake Lines      
*4 springs                                      *4 shocks
*Upper & Lower Ball Joints             * Tubular Upper A Frames
*4 Aero wheels (15x7)                    *4 Primewell tires
*Aluminum steering wheel                *Gas pedal
*22 gallon fuel cell w/can                 *31" Aluminum radiator
*Kirkey 70 series full containment seat      *Window net
*Simpson 5-pt seat belts                 *Our collapsible steering column
*3/8" fuel line inside steel conduit     *Rollbar padding
*Longacre gauge panel (OP & WT) plus 5" recall tach
*Ignition switches and the car fully wired (incl. battery cables)    
*Aluminum fan shroud                     *Monte SS plastic nose
*New center link, idler arm, tie rods  *MSD Soft Touch Rev Limiter
*Our full aluminum kit (dash, firewall, visor, rocker covers in base colors)
*Chassis & inside of body will be painted all one color (Base Colors)
*All parts installed after the car is painted

This $9995 Roller kit is intended for use with an automatic transmission.

OPTIONS For Above Roller Kit:
*Double Pass Radiator                              $60
*Body Side Rub Rails                                $50
*Polished Aluminum Kit                              $60
*Chrome Aero Wheels                               $85
*Monte Tail Piece                                      $135
*Clutch Pedal & Linkage for Manual Trans   $170
*Vinyl Lettering or Wrap Also Available       Call for Price Quote
*Powder Coated Chassis                           Call for Price Quote

To This Kit, You Will Still Need:
*Engine and Transmission
*Rev Limiter
*Power Steering
*Rebuild Brakes
*Radiator Hoses

If you find yourself needing repair work done this
summer, give us a call.  We can replace bent bars,
body panels, front stubs, etc.  Fast, reliable service
will get you back on the track ASAP!
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
New for our 2019 model, we've made several changes to
our basic cage design.  These changes offer added
strength to the center section of the car, added driver
safety, yet add no extra weight to our cars.  We've also
integrated an extra halo support tube ahead of the main
hoop for better driver protection.  See the pic of the light
gray chassis 2 pics down.
What we believe to be an industry first is now included
standard on all Charger Chassis cars.  We've integrated
an extra tube above the driver's head, with 3/4"
expanded steel panel over the driver's head, thereby
giving you an extra layer of protection in the event of a
rollover.  (<--- see pic to left)
We are an
Authorized dealer for
AFCO Racing Products
We highly recommend Moser Engineering Hobby Stock axles
& Stock Car front bumper.  
Aluminum main beam with tubular
radiator protection loop.  Only 17
lbs.  These will ship anywhere
Speedee Delivery goes for $20.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *